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Pro Oil SA (PTY) LTD has one of the widest ranges of lubrication products on the market, with one difference: every oil has been developed with Superior Lubrication as our guideline.


No matter what industry you are in we can provide you with the finest quality lubrication product; technically specced and researched, each and every oil is based on the best grade ISO approved base oils, and with the highest quality additives available.

For our complete range, please see the industry sector below, or our product catalog. If we don’t have what you want, our accredited research centre and blend plant will create your perfect solution. From racing engines to mining & marine motors and everything in-between.

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Food & Beverage

Can't find your industry? Don't stress. Find a product by application below or navigate to our product catalog. 
Engine Oil
Food and Beverage Lubricants
Marine Lubricants
Transmission Oil
Industrial Oils
Coolants & Brake Fluid
Gear & Diff Oils
Hydraulic Oils
Compressor Oils
Cutting Oils
Grease Range

Pro Syntec 15W40 CI-4+ Brochure

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