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About Us
PRO OIL SA are a proudly South African born and bred lubrication engineering and wear protection solutions company. We are best known for our finest quality Automotive, Industrial, Mining and Marine lubricants.
Pro Oil SA are Industry leaders and innovators of the finest quality wear protection in all types of machinery ranging from small gensets, auxiliary and industrial equipment, to the very heaviest transport, construction, marine and mining engines and equipment operating in the most arduous conditions.
We offer optimum lubrication solutions to all facets of industry, with the lubrication engineering expertise to develop and custom design wear protection specific to any application. Pro Oil SA have unparalleled interest to quality and detail resulting in asset life extensions far beyond that which could be achieved with conventional lubrication.
Our state of the art blending facilities employ only the finest quality and most advanced equipment in South Africa.  We blend optimum quality lubricants from the finest quality base oils and additive systems, internationally designed, formulated and blended, by the most qualified Petrochemists, Blend Masters and Lubrication Engineers.
We have a footprint throughout South Africa and Africa with delivery outlets in Durban, Gauteng, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Our service excellence, as our very first priority of delivery, employs the use of top transport companies, and overnight couriers, ensuring the very fastest delivery time to almost anywhere in the country within 48 hours. We pride ourselves on a 24/7 delivery and technical back up service to our clients and ensures unrivaled service delivery to the most demanding sectors of business, namely marine and mining, which leaves absolutely no room for error.
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Technical Support & Backup

​Pro Oil SA has collectively in excess of 150 years in the lubrication engineering industry in regard to research and development of the highest quality lubricants and the application thereof. Our main area of experience and expertise is that of the Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Mining and Agricultural/Construction industries.
Pro Oil SA specialize in problem solving and have many success stories regarding lubrication/application challenges as well as extending the life of older equipment. We have had many cases where we solved equipment manufacturers faults through the use of specialized lubricant we designed for the client, according to their specific need. We are particularly involved in part per million analysis (ppm) and can prove with laboratory test results exactly what might be your current lubricant downfall and how we may be able to enhance the performance of your equipment through the use of a better suited, or quite frankly a better quality, lubricant.
Our History

Our History

PRO OIL SA is a proudly South African born and bred lubrication, engineering and wear protection solutions company since November 2002, founded by Clayton Smith as a long term dream since his humble beginnings in lubrication in 1995.

It is with Clayton's utmost passion for advance in the field of wear protection, and almost 20 years on-going experience and study, that PRO OIL SA as a brand and company has become a market leader.

We initially set out to produce our own range of Independent branded lubricants with years of research into how one could not produce just equivalents to any Major International Brands on the market, but rather Superior Lubricants that you would come to know as such through the use of them. Pro Oil SA only uses the best grades of ISO approved base oils and the highest quality additive systems available.

Our business is all about your equipment and machinery running at its optimum for the longest possible lifespan with the very best possible wear protection available. In many cases better performance is the result of application specific lubrication and that is where we are set apart from our competitors. Personal attention to your unique plant, fleet or even equipment is what we strive for and your utmost satisfaction is the result.

Our Intent

We have a footprint throughout South Africa and Africa and can deliver anywhere in the country and cross border. We strive on service excellence and use only the best transport companies to move our quality product.

More than 15 years ago we began to develop our own independent brand of lubricants in conjunction with one of the most modern and advanced blend plant on the continent.

Pro Oil SA is the result of those developments and has been delivering on its vision not only in the Western Cape, but nationally and neighboring countries.


Quality Policy 

Our Intent
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