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Project History


Launch: Pro Oil SA cc was developed and our automotive and industrial lubricants was launched in the Western Cape


Gulf Marine: Pro Oil SA was appointed as the agent in Cape Town for all contracted vessels for Gulf Marine. We facilitate with warehousing, logistics and bulk lube pumping to vessels in the harbour.


Pro Oil SA Marine Range: After years of research and development, we secured additives and base oils to begin blending the very first independent marine brand in South Africa. We have a full range of marine lubricants to compete internationally. 


Calulo Group: Pro Oil SA secured the brand development for Calulo Marine, who is the largest independent fuel supplier in the local marine sector. Pro Oil SA acts as blenders, brand developers, technical, marketing and marine application analysts. Pro Oil SA also serves as the logistics arm for Calulo Lubricants to all marine vessels. 


Marine and Mining Sector: Pro Oil SA started design and development of a complete range of greases. This included our unique water repellent marine grade grease, heavy duty construction and mining greases as well as a leading 4000 cSt mining crusher grease, not available from any oil supplier and unique to the Pro Oil SA brand.


Heavy Duty Wheel Bearing Grease & 10 Micron Hydraulic Oil: We developed a fail safe wheel bearing grease with unique additive systems and base oil that delivers superior results for heavy duty mining operations, passenger motor vehicles and heavy goods vehicles. 


Pro Oil SA innovated and launched a world first 10 micron (μm), absolute hydraulic fluid. Using advance filtration pods upon filling, we realised the need for absolute cleanliness and the zero tolerance hydraulic fluid applications there are.


Marine Contracts: With the Calulo Lubricants brand, we developed, we started supplying Seavuna Fishing as well as Premier Fishing, Sekunjalo Investments group throughout South Africa. Calulo Lubricants was also contracted to Pioneer Fishing / Oranjevis Joint Venture.


Port Elizabeth Supply Arm: The marine supply arm was opened at the Dom Pedro Jetty to supply marine vessels.

Group 2 Hydraulic Fluids: Coupled to our 10 micron (μm) hydraulic fluid range, Pro Oil SA launched the first, in South Africa, Group 2 hydraulic fluids with 20% more protection for hydraulic systems. This energy saving solution, using synthetic technology, ensures a higher viscosity index to our competitors.

Synthetic 15W40 CAT ECF 2: Pro Oil SA developed a first in South Africa, synthetic, 15W40 engine oil for the Mining, Marine and Automotive sectors, only comparable to products found in the USA. The result was our, industry leader, Pro Syntec 15W40 CI-4+ with Group 2 & 3 synthetic technology.  It has become our biggest seller and has surpassed international bench marks and all levels of testing in the industry. It has a longer life and unsurpassed engine wear protection with Polar Head technology and additive systems that deliver like our competitors wish it didn't. Pro Syntec is our flagship product, asked for by name.


Gulf Marine: Pro Oil SA was appointed as the agent in Cape Town for all contracted vessels for Gulf Marine. We facilitate with warehousing, logistics and bulk lube pumping to vessels in the harbour.

2016 - 2018

Oceana Group: We secured a 2 year lubricants supply tender through our marine sector for the Oceana Group.

USABCO: Pro Oil SA have been the suppliers to USABCO for 12 years running. They are one of the largest injection moulding companies in South Africa, who will boast our quality lubricants. Some of the machines have been working for over 7 years, at the highest pressures, with the same hydraulic oil and still tested fit for further use.

Export to Southern African markets:

Bidvest distribution in Namibia.


Namcor Petroleum in Namibia:

Started supply of lubricants to the Namibian government for the Mining industry.

Supply to the largest Uranium mine in Africa.

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