At Pro Oil SA, we carry a full compliment of industrial wear protection, needed in any factory or plant, inside and out. Our products are blended to the highest quality standards and cleanliness, as we understand the importance and cost of your machinery. Breakdowns on equipment result in production loss and we strive for our lubricants to make any operation run without issues.
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Pro Slideway Oils are specially formulated multi-functional oils. It contains carefully selected friction controlling agents together with extreme pressure, anti-oxidant, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-foam and tackiness additives. It is formulated using virgin base oils to combine the anti-stick-slip, adhesive and protection properties of a slideway lubricant with the anti-wear properties of modern hydraulic oils. Their dual-purpose nature enables the user to rationalize machine shop lubricants.

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Pro Process Oil are manufactured from group II, virgin, base oils. Pro Process Oil contains no additives and therefore their application is restricted to the use as a raw material or as an aid in the manufacturing process of rubber, plastic, etc.

Pro Process Oils are available in VG 20, 30, 100 and 150

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Pro Heat Transfer Oil 32 is a synthetic technology and thermally stable, single, base oil for use in modern, enclosed, heat transfer systems. It is also suitable for certain quenching applications. The ability of this oil to flow rapidly at a low temperature ensures quick circulation at start up and less risk of overheating. Pro Heat Transfer Oil has a high viscosity index, excellent chemical and thermal stability, as well as good oxidation resistance at high temperatures. Pro Heat Transfer Oil is suitable for closed heat transfer systems working in a temperature range of -10 to 340 °C.

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Pro Cutterbar 150 has been formulated for the lubrication of the chain on a hand held chainsaw. This product contains a tacky additive to prevent fling-off whilst the chainsaw is in operation. The tackiness of the additive used in the oil helps to ensure that sufficient lubrication exists on the chain itself. Pro Cutterbar 150 is applied to an entirely separate tank on the main body of the chainsaw and must not be put into the oil used in the 2-stroke engine. When Pro Cutterbar 150 is filled into the separate tank for the chainsaw, the engine pump supplies the Cutterbar oil into the groove to lubricate the groove/pegs, that is attached to the chain, interface.

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Pro Circulating Oils, are manufactured using highly refined paraffinic mineral base oils, which are additive free. These lubricants possess inherently high resistance to oxidation and emulsification and therefore offer extended long service life with minimum deterioration of properties during the working life of the oil. Pro Circulating Oils primarily are recommended for use in general purpose, industrial "once through" lubrication systems, circulating systems such as rolling mills, light duty gear cases, engine air cleaners, machine tools, air compressors, vacuum and centrifugal pumps and a variety of lubrication where uninhibited oils are recommended.


Pro Circulating Oils are available in VG 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220, 320 and 460

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Pro Rockdrill Oils are mostly used in the Mining, and Industrial, sector that are subjected to severe operations and are blended from high quality base oils and contains extreme pressure additives, suitable for use in all pneumatic rock drills. 

Pro Rockdrill Oils are available in VG 100, 150, 220 and 320.

PRO Mould Release Oil

Pro Mould Release oil is used neat. It may be used for the release of moulds such as those used in the construction of formwork and shuttering. It is suitable for use in all operations as a general purpose mould release fluid. It can be used in a wide variety of applications such as the construction of concrete using metal shutters. It should be used as supplied and should be applied to the moulds by brush or spray.


Pro Industrial Gear Oils are a range of high quality, lead free, sulphur phosphorous, extreme pressure oils, having excellent thermal stability and high load carrying capacity. Pro Industrial Gear Oils provide excellent corrosion protection, anti-foam characteristics, demulsibility and oxidation resistance. The range consists of VG 68, 150, 220, 320, 460 and 680.

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