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Revolutionizing the Industry:

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The High Viscosity Hydraulic Oils by Pro Oil SA.

Pro Oil SA

At Pro Oil SA, we take pride in providing top-tier hydraulic oil solutions. Renowned as one of the major suppliers of Group 2, 10-micron (10µm) cleanliness hydraulic oils, we have made a significant impact on the global market. Today, we're excited to share with you more about our hydraulic oils and how they can benefit your business.

An Industry Leader in Hydraulic Oils

Pro Oil SA is not just a name; it's a hallmark of quality and performance in the world of hydraulic oils. We are proud of our industry-leading position as prominent suppliers of Group 2, 10-micron (10µm) cleanliness Hydraulic Oils. This specific category of hydraulic oils has helped us make a considerable impact on the global market, solidifying our standing as a top-tier hydraulic oil solutions provider.

Superior Cleanliness Level

Our hydraulic oils stand out due to their superior cleanliness level. We understand the crucial role cleanliness plays in the efficient operation of hydraulic systems. Contaminants in the oil can cause significant damage to the hydraulic components, leading to system failure. That’s why our oils are engineered to a cleanliness level of 10 microns, ensuring maximum protection against contamination-related failures.

The high cleanliness level also leads to longer oil life, reducing the frequency and costs of oil changes.

High Viscosity Index: A Game Changer

Another standout feature of our hydraulic oils is their exceptional Viscosity Index (VI). The VI of an oil is a key measure of its ability to maintain viscosity, or thickness, under varying temperatures. Higher VI indicates less change in viscosity with temperature variations, which is crucial for the efficient operation of hydraulic systems in different working environments.

Most hydraulic oils in the market come with an average VI, often not sufficient for high-pressure, high-temperature applications such as injection moulding. At Pro Oil SA, we offer hydraulic oils with a superior VI, ensuring your hydraulic systems perform optimally even in the most demanding conditions.

Enhancing Businesses with Pro Oil SA

At Pro Oil SA, we strive to deliver more than just products. We offer hydraulic oil solutions that will revolutionize your operations, improve efficiency, and ultimately, contribute positively to your bottom line. In the next part of this blog series, we will delve deeper into how our hydraulic oils can benefit your business in ways you might not have considered. Stay tuned and get ready to transform your business with Pro Oil SA.

For more information contact us on: or alternatively you can contact our Head Office on +27-21-556-6109 for orders and or should you require Technical Data Sheets or Material Safety Data Sheets.



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