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Extreme Heavy Performance

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

If there is one thing in life that is an absolute fact (other than income tax, that is), it is that your life is affected by lubricants. From a commuting car to a trans- Atlantic jet; from high speed drills to generators. Whether you are sharpening a tool on a whetstone as a home crafter or own a fleet of heavy vehicles, oil will play a fundamental part in your activities.

At Pro Oil SA we provide custom researched and blended lubricants for the widest possible usage: from Pro Velocity 5W40 for racing engines to Pro Syntec 15W40 Cl-4+, Extreme Heavy Duty Performance, Diesel Oils for mining purposes – and every motor or engine in between – we specialise in producing the highest standard Automotive, Industrial and Hydraulic Oils.

For a complete list of Pro Oil SA products check out or the Pro Oil SA Product Catalog, then give us a call to discuss your lubrication needs. We keep things running smoothly!

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